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      Anti-static raised floor is the computer industry developed a new flooring material, isolated moisture, electrostatic dust. The most important thing is to solve the cabling problems without embedded pipeline, they can always disassemble, move, ensuring the full benefits of information technology equipment, adapted to the information in intelligent building automation technology for the specific requirements of their environment, to avoid the majority of customers double investment to enable a more efficient level of modern office, office space more comfortable.

      Companies specializing in the production of "Tianchi" series of raised floor, consistent with national security requirements, the extensive range of species, including anti-static porcelain floor elevated pathway in addition to a normal porcelain decoration and practicality, but its wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof function better than other similar products, welcomed by customers.

      Companies to develop domestic and international sales operations, several successful domestic key decoration works, for example: Hunan TV, Ningbo County substation, Anshan City 120 emergency command center.

      The company will continue to develop and manufacture first-class products, wish insight cooperation and development for a better future.

      Enterprise purpose: to actively evolving innovation consistent pursuit of perfect quality