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Business competition, is the product of competition, technological competition, but ultimately a talent competition. Tianchi attaches great importance to the training and selection, has been to attract and foster talent, to maximize the role of talent as a strategic task of the enterprise. In Tianchi, human resources was seen as the first enterprise resources, is the decisive factor in business development and growth.

In the training process, the company has established a complete and systematic training system, the company is committed to employees in technology and the ability to provide all-round development of various types of training, and supporting appropriate performance appraisal system for staff incentives, promoted to provide objective and reliable basis.

In the employment mechanism, the company has consistently adhered to "Wei Yin is held, the amount was used," the use of personnel. Focus to create a relaxed and orderly environment of talent, let the hero have its uses. In Tianchi, is the eagle gave him blue sky, prairie horse gave him, and strive to make the best use of each person to create convenient conditions to allow employees to obtain the greatest degree of personal values ??achieved in the course of their work so that they get an achievement and satisfaction. Companies employing of competition and elimination system, truly capable, the levels were so, Yongzhe, fair competition, survival of the fittest.